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2017 is well on it's way.

2017 has not disappointed in its promise of change and challenges.  There has been some change in management staff.  Denny and Todd have left our organ-ization for different positions within the trucking industry.  We wish both the very best as they further their careers.  We are finding that by doing some outsourcing to outside specialists we are becoming more efficient and nimbler to adapt to change.  This is of course, the season of change.

Look around, everywhere you look spring is emerging.  There are tulips poking through the flower beds under our bedroom windows, the trees are beginning to bud, birds are returning to the back yard.  There is an eagle nesting in a tree top on my way to work each day.  New life abounds all around us.  Please take a few moments each day to appreciate the wonders of God’s creation.

I personally need the inspiration of spring and the Easter Season with the promise of new life after another winter with its struggles of operating equipment in the cold and bad weather of the Western mountains.  We survived the new year licensing challenges, the winter weather, the end of year accounting and reports, the income taxes and May’s real estate taxes coming up.  We have a strong organization with experienced dedicated staff, great drivers and a customer base that continues to find value in our service.  We are truly Blessed in this Easter Season of 2017. Join me in embracing 2017!

Dennis Arfsten, President


Summer is here!!  For those of you who have not had the good fortune to live in Minnesota for these few weeks in the spring and early summer you are surely missing out of some fantastic weather.  Perhaps it is because each year we emerge from what seems like eternal winter into sunshine and warmth.   Not baking or sauna kind of heat, just very comfortable, no bugs or mosquitos, comfortable warmth.

The constant change in seasons reminds me of the constant change in business environments.  We soon have changes in regulations on driver’s hours of service, changes in emissions standards of our trucks and now trailers.  The past year or year ½ has seen reduced freight volumes and tonnage.  This spring we see some recovery in the freight movement.  Trucking is cyclical and I believe the cycle is changing.  I recently read a book titled “The Harbinger” which talked about, among other things, the Prophet Isiah and ancient Israel’s observing a 7-year cycle of Shemittah.  On the 7th year debts were forgiven and things laid to rest.   I look back at my many years of trucking and see a correlation in the 7th year of Shemittah.  If the Prophet Isiah and ancient Israel are correct, we should be coming out of a depressed freight business cycle into a more lively environment.  I am just sharing thoughts from my desk.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer and stays safe.

Dennis Arfsten


Watch this heartwarming story about a son and his dad's truck.  
It's from Finding Minnesota on WCCO.   Truck story
DRIVERS WANTED Join our great team!
Arfsten Transfer, Inc. is looking for OTR truck drivers.
We are in need of regional (home weekly) and long-haul (out 3 – 10 days) drivers. Must have at least 2 years of verifiable tractor/trailer experience.
Many perks include retirement plan, health insurance, safety bonus, fuel bonus, life insurance, and short term disability for OTR drivers. Must have good driving record, be able to pass a DOT physical, and pre-employment drug screen.
Come work for a company that will value your service.
Call Dennis at 320-774-0036. Please complete a preliminary application on the Career Opportunities page of this website.
We're Proud of Our Million Mile Drivers
Don B. - 2.2 million miles
Phil C. - 1.1 million miles
Gary F. - 3.1 million miles
F David J. - 1.3 million miles
Kevin L. - 1.8 million miles
Dan P. - 2.2 million miles
Doug P. - 2.2 million miles
Don R. - 1.1 million miles
Randy R. - 2.3 million miles
Red S. - 1.0 million miles
Wayne S. - 1.3 million miles
Mike S. - 2.9 million miles
Gerald W. - 1.2 million miles
SmartWay Transport Partner

Arfsten Transfer, Inc. is an official SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay is sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to encourage truck carriers to work toward more cost-efficient and environmentally efficient freight transportation. The methods used to save fuel and create less pollution include; more efficient diesel engines, low rolling resistance tires, and tractor and trailer “aero” equipment.

Arfsten Transfer, Inc. Mission Statement

To become an extension of our customers and their customer’s business.  We are here to serve.  We are here to serve by creating a pleasant, profitable, and expanding work environment for our employees and contract associates.  We are here to serve the public by being responsible, and by maintaining a moderate profitable growth.  This growth allows the opportunity to SERVE.