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Arfsten Transfer, Inc. Mission Statement

To become an extension of our customers and their customer’s business.  We are here to serve.  We are here to serve by creating a pleasant, profitable, and expanding work environment for our employees and contract associates.  We are here to serve the public by being responsible, and by maintaining a moderate profitable growth.  This growth allows the opportunity to SERVE.

National Truck Diver Appreciation Week

  This coming week is “NATIONAL TRUCK DRIVER APPRECIATION WEEK”.  When I think back to when I was a young lad and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I realize how much trucking has changed, yet the spirit of the driver remains steadfast.  Today’s drivers continue to be devoted to their families, public safety, our customers, the trucks they drive and the business’s they work for.  The modern driver has newer better tools (trucks and technology) but they continue to work as hard and legally allowed, be as concerned and safe as they know how and anticipate the mistakes of other less experienced drivers on the road.

  During normal operations, these unsung heroes deliver medicine for the sick, food and groceries, materials for factories, clothing to our stores, feed to our pets and farms, machinery to farmers and construction workers.  The fact is: IF YOU HAVE IT, A TRUCK BROUGHT IT.  Perhaps you have never thought of what life would be like without truck drivers to bring the things you need to your neighborhoods.  How much different would your lives be if every time you needed gas for your car, medicine, or a loaf of bread you had to go the nearest rail yard to purchase the goods needed for everyday life?  Imagine the lines, the expense of travel and the prices if stores couldn’t compete for your business.

  I also want you to think about the recent events in the news with hurricanes ravaging Texas and Florida.  Is there any other mode of transportation that could possibly aid in this monumental relief effort?  The answer is NO.  Railroads can’t change routes when bridges and infrastructure is washed out or closed, boats and sea ports are damaged and of no use, only the truck driver can deliver emergency food, water, medicine and supplies.  When the recue and relief emergency is over, we stand by to bring in building material to rebuild lives and hope back to those suffering.

  I have been to 3rd world countries where they have few trucks, truck drivers or roads and watched people work on their small farms to grow enough to feed their families and little more because if they did, there would still be no way to take the excess to market.  They carry excess rice to a local “strawmarket” to trade for a chicken, or chickens for a baby pig, then return to their homes until they have enough to carry out on their backs the next week.  With roads, trucks, and truck drivers there could be larger farms, factories and jobs for the people who barely survive now.

  This week is “NATIONAL TRUCK DRIVER APPRECIATION WEEK”.  Please join me in honoring these heroes.  They are not the most polished or best dressed but they are dedicated to their jobs, safety, an American tradition and to you.

Dennis Arfsten


Watch this heartwarming story about a son and his dad's truck.  
It's from Finding Minnesota on WCCO.   Truck story
DRIVERS WANTED Join our great team!
Arfsten Transfer, Inc. is looking for OTR truck drivers.
We are in need of regional (home weekly) and long-haul (out 3 – 10 days) drivers. Must have at least 2 years of verifiable tractor/trailer experience.
Many perks include retirement plan, health insurance, safety bonus, fuel bonus, life insurance, and short term disability for OTR drivers. Must have good driving record, be able to pass a DOT physical, and pre-employment drug screen.
Come work for a company that will value your service.
Call Dennis at 320-774-0036. Please complete a preliminary application on the Career Opportunities page of this website.
We're Proud of Our Million Mile Drivers
Don B. - 2.2 million miles
Phil C. - 1.1 million miles
Gary F. - 3.1 million miles
F David J. - 1.3 million miles
Kevin L. - 1.8 million miles
Dan P. - 2.2 million miles
Doug P. - 2.2 million miles
Randy R. - 2.3 million miles
Red S. - 1.0 million miles
Wayne S. - 1.3 million miles
Mike S. - 2.9 million miles
Gerald W. - 1.2 million miles
SmartWay Transport Partner

Arfsten Transfer, Inc. is an official SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay is sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to encourage truck carriers to work toward more cost-efficient and environmentally efficient freight transportation. The methods used to save fuel and create less pollution include; more efficient diesel engines, low rolling resistance tires, and tractor and trailer “aero” equipment.